Whiskey Sweat EP


Learn about Derek's Debut EP "Whiskey Sweat"!


New Crossover Single “Drink On” by Jordan York and Derek Allan


2x Pittsburgh Best Pop Artist Jordan York teamed up with new country artist Derek Allan to release a crossover single titled “Drink On” on Noisetrade.


Summer 2015 Mixtape


About 15 years ago, my mother blessed me with the gift of music when she brought home three guitars for me, my brother, and my father.  Ever since that day, with some breaks in between, I’ve been working to give that gift back to the world through songwriting.  My latest gift to my friends, family and fans is my summer 2015 Mixtape which is free to download!


Prove Me Wrong


I can’t lie.  I love a good country song about a guy and a girl in a bar.  The fact of the matter is that a guy picking up a girl in a bar is a topic that is easily relatable.  I always find it interesting that in nearly every country song it’s always the guy that is taking charge and extremely confident going after the girl.  This makes for a great story but is hardly a reality for most of us.  Most of us don’t have a clue what to do when they see a beautiful woman at the bar.  So the base line is, “Nah she’s wouldn’t be interested in a guy like me!”  In Prove Me Wrong, the main character is thinking the same thing and asking for her to prove him wrong.



Baby Blue


Baby Blue is not so much about regret but it is about looking back to those moments where you don’t want the night to end! Intense feelings leave a long lasting impression and things may not be clear at the time. Cinderella, the 80’s hair-metal band, said it best, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” Time is something that we can never get back my friends. Cherish every bit of it.


Whiskey Sweat


The song is generally about not being afraid to have a good time. “At the end of the day, there ain’t nothing wrong, with having your favorite drink and breaking a sweat.” Don’t mind the double negativeJ. At the time I was listening to a lot of Brantley Gilbert and particularly was digging “Bottom’s Up” which turned out to influence the song heavily. “Whiskey Sweat” song is the hardest rocking song on the EP.


Happy Holidays!


I wanted to wish everyone out there Happy Holidays!




A tattoo is a thing that you just can’t give back!

The first single off of my up and coming EP and my contribution to the Pittsburgh Songwriter’s Circle album is a song I wrote called “Tattoo”.  Tattoo is a song about heartache and regret.


The Open Stage


Musicians are lucky here in Pittsburgh. We have access to an enormous amount of open stages in and around the city. I know some artists who have even visited every single open stage in one summer! For me I like to stick to just a few out of convenience. Although the Pittsburgh open stage is not really the scene for country music, it is one of the greatest resources I have available. Read more to find out why!


I got a truck time to sing about it


Ever since I got my license back in 2004 I have always wanted a truck.  Today that dream finally came true as I am now the proud owner of 2005 GMC Sierra. 




The Journey Part 1


Popular media can lead us to believe that success as an artist happens overnight. To the contrary, anyone who has ever achieved anything in life knows that this is the biggest fantasy of all. The reality of the situation is mastery of any trade takes time, practice and most importantly persistence.



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