Derek Allan

“Derek Allan” Gabrish is a songwriter and country music artist from Pittsburgh, Pa.

On his father’s fortieth birthday when Derek was ten years old, his mother came home with three guitars; one for his father, one for his brother, and one for him. Since that day, Derek has had a passion for exploring many different types of music and during his teen years took an interest in hair metal. In fact, the first song Derek ever played live was “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard at an eighth grade pep rally. Artists like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and Poison contributed significantly to his songwriting style and some of these influences can still be heard in his music today.

In high school, Derek began developing his performing skills by playing local parties and high school events. At the same time he pursued high schools sports and won several tennis titles at a regional level.

Always maintaining a strong focus on academics, Derek set aside performing while attending Penn State University to pursue a career in Finance. During his time at Penn State, he developed an interest in physical fitness which led to him participation in several natural bodybuilding competitions and to create, a website for healthy eating.

After graduating Penn State, Derek was employed by a Pittsburgh based investment management firm as an analyst and began a career in municipal fixed income. He earned a Chartered Financial Analyst designation, a highly revered industry designation that requires rigorous study and a significant time commitment. Following completion of the program, Derek reinvested his extra-time back into music.

In 2013, Derek recommitted himself to songwriting, which he had done during his high school years and in college. Derek wrote several pop songs but found that he was drawn to the sounds of modern country, which he feels mimics the sounds of some of his favorite hair-metal bands. He also found that he could relate more to the music’s hardworking, down to earth heritage.

In 2014, Derek returned to the stage, performing at various Pittsburgh open mics, songwriting contests, parks, and local bars. He also joined local and regional songwriting groups and contributed his first professionally recorded track, “Tattoo”, to the 2015 Pittsburgh Songwriter’s Circle Album released in November 2014. Derek released his first EP in the spring of 2015. Later in the summer he opened for The Stickers.

In 2016, Derek moved to the NYC area and began playing gigs across the city including one of New York's storied establishments, The Bitter End. In late 2016, Derek joined country singer, Leanne Weiss to form a new country duo called October Rose. Their First EP will be out in 2017 and they are currently playing across the North East. Please visit for more information on Derek and Leanne's current status!